Top Highest Paying Digital Marketing Jobs In India In 2022

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Digital marketing is a developing sector, it is growing day by day. Therefore, the value for people who know how to do powerful digital marketing is growing. There are many job openings in the digital marketing division as each and every company is building its online appearance and trying to reach as several users as possible. Therefore, it is a high opportunity to learn digital marketing and get solid experience in this area. Below in this blog, I am going to explain to you about Highest Paying Digital Marketing Jobs In India hope you will enjoy this blog

Digital Marketing Manager

Digital project managers play a significant role in managing and performing digital campaigns. They’re responsible for putting out a project, planning a timeline, setting pillars, and maintaining budgets, among other tasks. Digital project managers require to have excellent organization, communication, and collaborative skills. The common digital marketing manager salary in India starts at ₹ 46,682/month

SEO/SEM Specialists

It is not a wonder that Search Engine Optimisation is surely the most extraordinary skill, which is going to trim this list of skills. Some people think that SEO is totally dead, but it is clearly not the truth at all. If we look at the existing situation, SEO is even more important currently. The SEO Specialists have immensely significant roles to play within each and every team.

SEO and SEM are challenging to practice because search engine algorithms are always varying. Businesses must stay up-to-date in sequence to have a consistently high ROI and the greater the business is, the more complicated this can be. In addition, e-commerce sites and those that depend extremely on the internet traffic for values will be unusually reliant on a strong SEO / SEM strategy.

Basically, most businesses will need to rank high, so they will require people with deep expertise in these sectors and this bias is not likely to slow down, mainly as digital technology continues to penetrate more and more features of our lives.

The normal SEO salary package may alternate from 1.8 to 4 Lakhs for fresher’s. The compensation for an SEO Expert may go between 25-35k. A Superior Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Expert earns a normal pay of ₹519k every year.

SEO/SEM Specialists

Content Strategist

Content has become the backbone of both digital and traditional marketing, serving as a powerful tool for increasing customer confidence and providing brands much-needed clarity and reach. As a result, content marketing specialists have proved themselves as a priceless asset within the digital field.

The only most important skill a content marketing expert can possess is the capacity to produce and manage a comprehensive content strategy that is tailored to a company’s digital strategy purposes, as well as the requirements and preferences of their target audience. Content strategists also require to be able to handle content audits, design style guides, populate editorial programs, and where, required, both produce or curate consistent, high-quality content. Due to the essential link between content and SEO, a skilled content strategist will have strong search marketing skills.

The capability to write distinct, brief, compelling copy is also integral. Being able to modify your writing way to suit different content types and target audiences is also important.

E-commerce Specialist

Many companies today are resembling for productive methods to trade their products online. This means there is a high demand for people who know the e-commerce space completely and can craft the right e-commerce strategy.

This is where e-commerce experts come in. This is shifting one of the most common digital marketing jobs. An e-commerce expert needs to explain the ins and outs of online sales. This means optimizing result pages, crafting the right CTAs, and planning complete product information.

E-commerce specialists also have to work jointly with sales and marketing teams to build an integrated strategy so presentation skills are a big plus. In India, the common salary for an e-commerce expert is Rs. 11 lakh a year on average. There are a number of entirely-paid digital marketing freelance jobs that are also possible for e-commerce professionals. There are a few digital marketing jobs for freshers in this field.

E-commerce Specialist

Email Marketing Specialist

Even though not as important as the other digital marketing jobs. The email marketing expert is one of the most conservative specializations you can get in the field. Email marketing is actually an example of a specific area of marketing. The email marketing expert is normally extremely experienced in marketing, and also has copywriting and editing skills. As we know, email still is one of the safest forms of content there is. You also need to be in charge of tasks like Campaigns, Launches, Press Releases. You should also master some of the E-mail marketing tools such as mailchimp, Omnisend, etc. The common salary rounds up to 5,00000 yearly.

Social Media Marketing Specialist

Social media marketing specialist are the members of marketing team who design, plan, post and implements various campaigns to increase the audience engagement on our social media handles. Nowadays, the business owners are looking for a good candidates who can handle such online platforms. If the brand makes good audience engagement on social media platforms it will also affect on increasing the website traffic as well.

As we are discussing about the job profile of SMM specialist, there are various factors you should be good at. Such as you should be creative while designing you social media content, learn more about social media marketing fundamentals, you should be aware about social media trends, you should be able to do a good analysis after running the social media campaigns and many more. Learning Social media is good option in digital marketing for getting a proper job in india. Average salary for a Social Media Specialist in India is 4.2 Lakhs per year

Highest Paying Digital Marketing Jobs In India


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