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What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a platform that collects the data and compiles it into useful reports. It combines with all of Google’s marketing outcomes (including Search Console, Google Ads, and Data Studio) presenting it an economical choice for anybody using multiple Google tools. So Learn Google Analytics with us by reading this blog…

Why you should use Google Analytics?

Usually, every businessman wants to track the activity of users on their website. If you want to same then Google analytics can a magnificent for you. However, if you are looking for something that’s easy to set up and quick to learn, then you should use it.

Learn Google Analytics | Darshan Sonar Digital

How to use Google Analytics

  • login to google analytics
  • Admin>Account>Create>Enter account detail and click next.
  • What do you want to measure (Web and App)
  • Enter Website name, URL, Category.
  • Click next…
How to use Google Analytics

How to get Google Analytics tracking code

  • Login to G.A>admin>select account
  • Under property>click on tracking info
  • tracking code>copy this tracking code and past it as the first item in the <Head> tag of your website.

How to past tracking code as the first item in the <Head> tag of your website

  • Login to your website
  • Go into appearance theme editor and select the theme on the right side.
  • Open the header PHP
  • Find the <head> tag and past the G.A tracking code as the first item>upload file.
How to past tracking code as the first item in the <Head> tag of your website

What is the site search in Google Analytics?

It is a parameter ‘a’ in the URL of your website between “?” and “=” symbol with the guidance of the query parameter we can recognize what users are searching by using the search icon on our website.


  • Login to G.A
  • Admin>views>view setting
  • Turn ON site “search tracking”
  • In query parameter a put your query parameter.
  • Then click to SAVE.

Models of Google Analytics reports

The report is a quick summary of what you will see in each of the standard Google Analytics reporting segments, available in the left sidebar.

Audience Overview

These reports show you everything you want to know about your visitors. In them, you will get detailed reports for your visitors’ age and gender (Demographics), what their usual interests are (Interests), where they come from (Geo > Location) and what language they talk (Geo > Language), how often they visit your website (Behavior), and the technology they relate to view your website (Technology and Mobile).

Audience Overview

Acquisition reports

These reports will show you everything you want to grasp what directed visitors to your website (All Traffic). You will understand your traffic broken down by main categories (All Traffic > Channels) and distinct sources (All Traffic > Source/Medium).

Learn Google Analytics | Darshan Sonar Digital

You can manage everything about traffic from social networks (Social). Also, you can attach Google Analytics to AdWords to learn more about PPC campaigns and to Google Webmaster Tools / Search Console to get more about search traffic (Search Engine Optimization)

Behavior reports

Behavior reports help you to show everything you want to know about your content. Especially, the top pages on your website (Site Content > All Pages), the topmost entry pages on your website (Site Content > Landing Pages), and the uppermost exit pages on your website (Site Content > Exit Pages).

If you set up Site Search, you will be handy to see what terms are searched for (Site Search > Search Terms) and the pages they are searched upon (Site Search > Pages)You can also learn how fast your website masses (Site Speed) as well as find special suggestions from Google on how to make your website quicker (Site Speed > Speed Suggestions).

Behavior reports


It shows including the attributes of a user such as his/her age, gender, and interests.


Important terms in Google Analytics

What is metric in Google Analytics?

This is the number in a data set often a period in dimension.

What does user metric measures?

User metric measure users that had at least one session on your website in the given date range.

Examples of metrics?

  • Sessions
  • Pageviews
  • Conversions
  • Bounce rate
  • Session duration

What is session

A session is defined as a bunch of interactions one user takes within a provided time frame on your website. Google Analytics defaults that time structure to 30 minutes. Determining whatever a user does on your website (e.g. browses pages, downloads resources, purchases products) before they leave meets one session.

What is pageview?

A pageview is an example of a page being loaded or reloaded in the browser. A pageview is a metric defined as the total number of pages viewed.

What is the bounce rate?

The bounce rate is the percentage of people that leave your website, without any interaction. Meaning, the visitors that enter a landing page on your site and then move out without visiting any other page of your site.

The bounce rate of a page is connected with only the sessions that began with the page.

What is the session duration?

By default, a session continues until there are 30 minutes of activity but you can adjust this limit so a session lasts from some seconds to many hours.

What is a dimension?

An attribute of a data set that can be created for better analysis. The dimension city indicates the city, for instance, Dehli or Mumbai from which a session originates.

Exit rate

Don’t be confused between bounce rate and exit rate due to its sound synonymous, there a big difference between them.

The exit rate for a page is the percentage of guests that leave your website on that page. It linked with a session associated with more than one page. If the exit rate of a page is high, it means most people are arriving on your site and leave through that page.


Conversions take place when a visitor to your site takes an action your care about and converts to customers. This could be by filling out of form performing a purchase or simply showing a high level of engagement with your site.

Dimension examples

  • Browser
  • Location
  • Landing page
  • Device
  • Channels


In-Browser Google analytics shows you from which browser(chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, the default browser on iPhone, the Default browser on android) your user land on your website.


Google analytics offers very detailed location-specific demography information about site visitors. This creates opportunities for marketers to better understand customers and perhaps makes an improvement to site content merchandise and advertising.

Landing page

A landing page is a primary page viewed in a session. So, in your google analytics report, a landing page is the entry point to your website.


Google analytic is a quick and free way to measure screen resolution, device, and to see what percentage of your users are on a mobile device upon the audience tab and select mobile and overview.


The channel source of these visits including Referral, Direct, Social Media, Organic Search, etc.

Sources and medium in google analytics

  • Medium?
  • medium is the mechanism that drives users to your website.
  • Source?
  • Source explains more about than medium from which users are coming.
  • If the medium is organic than the source will be search engines such as Google/Yahoo and many more………
  • If the Medium is a referral then the source will be the URL of any website.


I hope you have satisfied by reading this blog “Learn Google Analytics”. You can comment in the below comment section if you need any assistance regarding the above post (Learn Google Analytics). We look forward to helping you. You can also read more about google analytics by visiting this site https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/google-analytics

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